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WeatherCaster -- When a daily temp just won't cut it

Severe weather alerts, interactive maps and detailed information that deepens your knowledge of the weather and how it affects your world.

You can also collect, post and share your favorite photos and videos from stormy skies to beautiful sunsets.

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WeatherCaster Features

  • Forecast Dashboard: Keep up to date with the weather around you with customizable forecast with the cities and conditions you care about.
  • Radar Map: WeatherCaster 's radar map is the simplest way to explore national weather conditions. The interactive map, one-touch views of weather maps, and a pin-point display of conditions allow you to see the weather across the nation or across town.
  • Albums & Glossary: The albums are a community photo gallery where you can add your weather experiences via photos and text. You can share your weather images with others or view community photos. You can also learn about the science of weather and how it affects the world us from our meteorologists. The glossary has over 200 weather terms and their meanings.

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